Understanding Sozo Clients with Trauma

with Dr. Margaret Nagib

This workshop focuses on understanding trauma and how it affects us body, soul and spirit.  This understanding can help guide the sozo session and the use of sozo principles and tools.

It is open to those that minister in Bethel Sozo, pastors, counselors, and those on ministry teams desiring an understanding of the impact of Trauma and/or PTSD; and how sozo can help.

Registration is Required!
The cost of registration is $30 per person OR $50 married couple.
*Registration at the door is $40 per person

Dr. Margaret Nagib, Ph.D is a clinical psychologist based out of Chicago, specializing in Christian counseling, inner healing and in the treatment of eating disorders, trauma, self-injury and mood disorder.

She was introduced to Bethel Sozo in 2009 and began incorporating Sozo in her outpatient counseling practice. She has seen first hand how sozo brings healing and hope to even the most serious of psychological problems.