About Us:

Faith School of Supernatural Ministry is a 9 month ministry training school that utilizes a DVD based curriculum from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. We are dedicated to the truth that GOD loves people and gave Himself for them. He has given His Church supernatural power and authority to bring people and cities into wholeness.

The atmosphere of the school is built around the presence of God. An entire culture is lived out with worship as a primary expression. Passion, purity, power and love of the presence of God are center stage. These values define our atmosphere and are manifest in our worship, ministry and relationships with each other. Everything is connected to the presence of God.

FSSM is a Holy Spirit-driven ministry school where students learn how to live in the Kingdom of God. This is a multigenerational school that accepts students between the ages of 18-80+.  Students are trained to continue in the ministry style of Jesus: to enjoy the presence of God, say what He is saying, and do what He is doing.


  • Your amazing identity in Christ
  • What it means to bring heaven to earth
  • How to release the miraculous and live a supernatural life-style


  • Identify your vision and life calling
  • Develop as leaders and revivalists
  • Go even deeper in cultivating a supernatural life-style and releasing the miraculous

THIRD YEAR INTERNSHIP provides opportunities for Second Year graduates to help demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven in FSSM. An intern provides service valuable to the mentor(s) and the specific year in FSSM the mentor(s) serves or oversees. In return, every mentor provides opportunity, experience, and anointing to expedite the intern’s journey into his or her calling.

It’s an adventure that is sure to challenge you, stretch you, and take you to places in HIM that the hungry yearn for. It’s your time to dream big and change the world!


Is FSSM for me?

  • Are you hungry to see the power of God in your life?
  • Do you desire to have greater intimacy in your relationship with God? With others?
  • Do you have a passion to see the “impossible” made possible?
  • Do you want to be used by God to shape the course of human history?
  • Are you willing to embrace the lifestyle of a revivalist?

FSSM is designed to be a ministry training center where our students embrace their royal identity, learn the values of the Kingdom and walk in the authority and power of the King. It is a transformational experience and your life will be forever impacted!

It is an extremely fast paced season of schooling, and you must be ready and willing to invest much time and energy to keep up. Although we are a part-time school, there is weekly reading, homework, and personal outreaches that students are required to maintain throughout the year.

Questions: email or call 978-433-9052